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GeoAtlantic present at AGU 2019 Conference

In December, Aleksandra Zawalna-Geer presented the GeoAtlantic project at the American Geophysical Union”s 2019 conference, the largest international earth and space science meeting in the world. Click on the link below to see the poster presented.


Case study of a mine water heat pump system

Unocking Renewable Heat, the SunPeople Project

We recently attended a workshop run by the SunPeople Project at Plymouth University’s Sustainability Hub.

The European (Interreg) funded project seeks to explore new ways to reduce carbon emissions from heating through the use of combined solar and heat pump solutions, and providing an energy service to increase uptake.  They’ll focus on opportunities for residential (private and social housing) and commercial premises with the aim of devising a business model that can be replicated through community energy groups and businesses.

SunPeople involves four partners in France and England, focusing principally on the urban centres of Lorient, Brittany and Plymouth. The project is led by Agence locale de l’énergie de Bretagne Sud (ALOEN) and includes Aezeo SARL (France), Plymouth City Council and Plymouth Energy Community (PEC).

For more information on the project visit: https://www.channelmanche.com/en/projects/approved-projects/sunpeople/

GeoAtlantic at Science in the Square

The GeoAtlantic team were on hand to discuss all things geothermal at the recent Science in the Square event in Falmouth. Alongside Geoscience Ltd and Exeter University’s renewable energy team, Richard and Rob highlighted the potential for sea water and mine water source heat pumps to both members of the local community and holiday makers. The event was well attended and the presentations were met with a lot of interest.

“Science in the Square provides everyone with the opportunity to not only learn more about the amazing science taking place in the inspirational environments of Cornwall, but also become scientists for the day.

The skills, attitudes, and ways of thinking we introduce to the children taking part in Science in the Square will hopefully stay with them throughout their school years, and into later life, and perhaps sow the seeds of discovering the scientists of the future.”

South West Georesources Partnership

We recently attended the South West Georesources Partnership meeting.

“The aim of the Partnership is to enable the strategic and sustainable development of the georesources of South West England. The Partnership is an independent hub, which will co-create a powerful public vision and strategy.

The Partnership will deliver guidance for all stakeholders, based upon an informed, aligned, balanced and shared position, which builds on and compliments the ongoing work by existing groups: all embracing the region’s abundant natural georesources – its minerals, metals, construction materials, geothermal energy and soils. As a regional, cross-boundary group, this local initiative will provide a cohesive voice which will set an example of good practice and aim to lead the national agenda for georesource stewardship.”

For more information on the Partnership visit https://cornwallminingalliance.org/south-west-georesources-partnership/

Welcome to GeoAtlantic Cornwall!

Welcome to the new ‘GeoAtlantic Cornwall’ website. As part of the wider GeoAtlantic project, this site is focused on the work being done in Cornwall by the University of Exeter; one of the GeoAtlantic project’s UK partners.

The site will contain news & updates on all things geothermal going on in Cornwall, as well as resources outlining some of the technologies involved. As part of this aim to promote and disseminate the latest developments, many of the activities outlined are being carried out by organisations separate to the GeoAtlantic project – we are simply promoting their work.

If you have any questions about the GeoAtlantic project, or geothermal energy in general and how it could benefit you, please do not hesitate to get in contact.

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