We are so excited to share that the Mindful Anthem has been released!! The song was created by a Mindful Leader who was at Naivasha Main Prison, Daddy Cool Erico! The video was filmed at Naivasha main Prison and truly encapsulates the passion, belief and change Mindfulness has had within the Institution.

Among many other things, the song notes that being a mindful leader means being “awake, alert and attentive”. He includes some of the teachings such as using the mindfulness technique on the go “the inner radio” and also he says that “we need to be the change in the world that we wish to see”. View THE MINDFUL ANTHEM song lyrics


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We are very excited to share that the The Mindful Leader Inmates within Naivasha Maximum Security Prison have been working creatively in order to spread their message of the life changing benefits of Mindfulness! Inmates have created an Anthem! The Song is being recorded this month by a Recording Company and is also having a video created!! Watch this space!!

“Naivasha Mindful Leader Training” Independent evaluation report by Sue Upton, September 2016

What has changed as a result of the intervention?

Since Dr Adarves-Yorno’s 2016 visit, Mindful Leader training has been incorporated into the prison’s formal education programme, with the support of the Officer in Charge. A fulltime course runs from Monday-Friday and there is also a shorter Wednesday afternoon course. Both are taught by inmates who are trained teachers and who participated in Dr Adarves-Yorno’s training workshops. A Self-Discovery and Mindfulness Handbook developed by Dr Adarves-Yorno and colleagues forms the basis for the ongoing training in the prison, with the idea that the Mindful Leaders’ groups will add contextual aspects to this handbook. The Mindful leader training has the enthusiastic support of the Director of Rehabilitation and Offender Management of the Kenya Prison Service. Continue reading

The Impact of the Mindful leader training in Naivasha prison

As a result of Dr Adarves-Yorno’s work the Mindful Leader training has been incorporated into Naivasha prison’s formal education programme, supported by a small team of staff. The original 80 participants meet on a weekly basis and a further 80 trainees attend full and part time classes. Meetings and classes are coordinated by a core group of Mindful leaders. The University of Exeter Business School provides materials and equipment facilitated by the Africa Prisons Project. The impact of the intervention can be seen at individual, group and institutional levels, and is starting to manifest in wider society. Continue reading