Media Coverage

September 2017 – This TV interview from KTN news within Naivasha Maximum Security Prison illustrates how the Mindful Revolution is reaching further afield and changing lives…

August 2017 – An interview about ‘Teaching Mindfulness in prisons’ with Inma and Radio New Zealand ‘Life and Society’ – How the project began, what is being Mindful, how can we be mindful on a daily basis, how can we do it…? Find out more, this brilliant interview can be listened to here,

July 2017 – A enlightening article describing ‘How Mindfulness is helping Kenyan Prisoners achieve inner freedom’ by Dr Inma Adarves-Yorno and Dr Michelle Mahdon, published in ‘The Conversation’.

June 2017 – Below is an interview between Dr Inma Adarves-Yorno and BBC Health. The interview contains information about the training, Mindfulness Techniques and the huge change experienced by the Inmates. This interview also includes direct feedback from women from Langata Womens Prison.




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