DFID Research: call for proposals for systematic reviews for international development

Providing a more robust evidence base for policy makers and practitioners.

The UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) is expanding an exciting systematic review programme that aims to strengthen evidence-informed decision making. DFID has developed a set of systematic review questions based on policy and practice priorities and is now calling for proposals from interested reviewers to conduct a systematic review.

The questions include topics such as:

  • infrastructure
  • growth
  • humanitarian assistance
  • education

Please see the terms of reference and the full list of questions for more detailed information on the call. Interested parties can download the application form here.

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Welcome new research assistant

We would like to welcome our new research assistant, Kritchasorn Jarupasin, to InsTED.  He is a PhD student in the department of economics at the University of Exeter Business School and his PhD thesis is on topics relevant to the network.  Thanks to the University of Exeter Business School’s seedcorn research fund and the HASS ‘global uncertainties’ theme for supporting his position.

Kiel Institute´s Excellence Award in Global Economics Affairs 2014

Economists until the age of 35 (born 1978 or later) are invited to apply for this award by submitting up to three published or unpublished papers in the field of global economic affairs, and specifically pertaining to the following areas:

International Trade and FDI
Knowledge Creation and Growth
Poverty Reduction, Equity and Development
Environmental Policy
Reforming the Welfare Society
Labour Market Policy
Monetary Policy
Financial Markets and Macroeconomic Activity

Submission of a paper does not preclude publication in the standard outlets. Submitted papers may include coauthored papers.

The aim of the Excellence Award is to build a community of the brightest young researchers in the area of global economic affairs.

Submitted papers will be evaluated by a jury. The top contestants will be granted the “Excellence Award in Global Economic Affairs” at a prize-giving ceremony at the Kiel Institute. In addition, they will receive a Research Fellowship at the Kiel Institute, entitling them to a research visit to the Institute, all expenses paid. Research Fellows will receive research support, access to the Institute’s Virtual Research Communities and the opportunity
to participate in the Institute’s research projects and events.

There are four named Research Fellowships: the “Horst Siebert Fellowship”, the “Porsche Fellowship”, the “Landeshauptstadt Kiel Fellowship” and the “Birke Hospitality Fellowship”. Further information is provided on the Excellence Award website:


Papers should be submitted as email attachment to kristina.sander@ifw-kiel.de together with

Royal Economic Society Conference 2014 in Manchester

* Deadline for the submission of papers: 13 October 2013.  This must be done via the link available at www.res.org.uk/2014conferencehome.

* Deadline for the submission of special session proposals: 3 November 2013.  These should be sent to the Programme Chair at the e-mail address below and should include a short description of the intended session along with the proposed list of contributors (typically three/four, perhaps including the proposer) and indicative paper titles.


The conference has a line-up of distinguished keynote speakers:

* David Autor (MIT) will deliver the EJ lecture;

* Sendhil Mullainathan (Harvard) will deliver the Hahn lecture;

* Hélène Rey (LBS) will deliver the Sargan lecture.


Further information about the conference, including details of financial assistance for PhD students, is available via www.res.org.uk/2014conferencehome .  Authors of papers accepted for presentation at the 2014 RES conference will be entitled to submit their papers for possible publication in the associated conference issue of the Economic Journal.

Welcome new members

We would like to welcome the following new members of the InsTED network

Prof Nuno Limão (University of Maryland) His primary research interests are in international trade, trade policy, and political economy.

Prof Catia Montagna (University of Aberdeen) Her research interests are in firms in the global economy, labour markets trade and FDI, globalisation and the welfare state, and globalisation, economic insecurity and wellbeing.

Prof Hakan Yilmazkuday (Florida International University) His primary research fields are international economics, macroeconomics, monetary economics, with secondary fields in regional economics, and growth and development.

Featured Article: Limão and Saggi (2013)

The following article has been accepted for publication by the European Economic Review 

“Size Inequality, Coordination Externalities and International Trade Agreements”

by Nuno Limão and Kamal Saggi


Developing countries now account for a signfi…cant fraction of world trade and two thirds of the membership of the World Trade Organization (WTO). However, many are still individually small and thus have a limited ability to bilaterally extract and enforce trade concessions from larger developed economies even though as a group they would be able to
do so. We show that this coordination externality generates asymmetric outcomes under agreements that rely on bilateral threats of trade retaliation— such as the WTO— but not under agreements extended to include certain …financial instruments. In particular, we find that an extended agreement generates improvements in global efficiency and equity if it includes the exchange of bonds prior to trading but not if it relies solely on ex-post …fines. Moreover, a combination of bonds and fines generates similar improvements even if small countries are subject to financial constraints that prevent them from posting bonds.

Keywords: trade agreements, tariffs, bonds, fines.

JEL Classi…cations: F13, F42, K33, O1, O24

The full article is available as a Vanderbilt Working Paper and already appears on the European Economic Review website.  Please also note that we have added it to the topic ‘Reforming the World Trading System to Better Integrate Development Countries‘ on the InsTED site.

Welcome new members

We would like to welcome the following new members of the InsTED network.

Prof. Mario Crucini (Vanderbilt University) His research interests are in real exchange rates, the terms of trade, international business cycles, and the economic history of the inter-war period.

Prof. James Foster (George Washington University) His research interests are in development economics, inequality and poverty, economic theory and policy.

Prof. Joel Rodrigue (Vanderbilt University) His research interests are in international trade, firm dynamics, and applied econometrics.