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Conference Schedule - Models to Decisions

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Conference Schedule

Tuesday 11th July           


Session 1: The Role of Applied Mathematics in Models and Decision Making

Marco A. Iglesias (Mathematical Sciences, University of Nottingham): Uncertainty Quantification and Inverse Problems

Leonardo Rojas Nandayapa (Mathematical Sciences, University of Liverpool)

Lorna Wilson (Commercial Research Associate, University of Bath): The Role of Applied Mathematics in Models and Decision Making


Contributed Talks

Dr Gary Mirams (University of Nottingham): Minimising uncertainty in models of ion channel currents

Dr G.Charles-Cadogan (University of Leicester): Harmonic Probability Weighting Functions And Resolution of The Preference Reversal Puzzle

Dr Andrea Taylor (University of Leeds): Communicating uncertainty in seasonal climate forecasts



Wednesday 12th July    


Session 2: The Role of Visualisation in Models and Decision Making

Julian Gunn (Department of Infection, Immunity & Cardiovascular Disease, University of Sheffield): The role of visualisation in models and decision making: Heart disease and its management

Neil Kaye (Met Office)

Glyn Mottershead (co-director of the MSc Computational and Data Journalism, Cardiff University)


Contributed Talks

Dr Valerie Livina (National Physical Laboratory): Quantifying carbon emissions and saving in the UK energy system

Dr Rutger Dankers (Met Office): Weather to Decisions: using probabilistic weather forecasts to inform decision-making


Session 3: The Role of Statistics in Models and Decision Making

Tony O’Hagan (Mathematics and Statistics, University of Sheffield)

Jim Smith (Statistics, University of Warwick)

Lindsay Lee (Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science, University of Leeds): The role of sensitivity analysis in decision support



Thursday 13th July


Contributed Talks

Prof Liz Varga (Cranfield University): The ability of models to predict the effects of policy decisions

Dr Jooyoung Jeon (University of Bath): Using temporal hierarchical probabilistic forecasting for peer to peer energy trading

Prof Tom Anderson (NOC Southampton): Communicating the projections of global warming by climate models to a public audience: my experiences

Decisions Makers Session

Uncertainty from the Decision Makers Perspective: A Decision Makers Led Session

Veronica Bowman (Dstl)

Andrew Jones (MA)

Joel Howard (Reachback)

CRUISSE (Challenging Radical Uncertainty in Science, Society and the Environment): A Network Led Session

David Tuckett (University College London)

Erica Thompson (LSE’s Centre for the Analysis of Time Series)

David Good (Department of Psychology, University of Cambridge) (Chair)


Session 4: The Role of Philosophy & Social Sciences in Models and Decision Making

Casey Helgeson (Philosophy, HEC Paris): Informing Decisions with Models. Contributions from PHILOSOPHY

Magda Osman (Psychology, Queen Mary’s London): Psychological understanding of Uncertainty

Antony Millner (Economics, LSE)



Friday 14th July


Session 5: The Role of Psychology in Models and Decision Making

Rob Hutton (Trimetis Ltd): The Role of Psychology in Models and Decision Making: An Applied Cognitive Psychologist’s View

Wendy Jephson (SYBENETIX)

Thomas Ormerod (University of Sussex): Modelling the information that underlies complex behavioural decisions to provide decision support



Contributed Talks           

Dr Christopher Street (University of Huddersfield): Adaptive decision making in deceptive environments

Prof Jonathan Linton (University of Sheffield): Using exotic options for mitigating risk in R&D on competing technologies



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