ABIOMATER will focus on three research themes of progressive complexity:

Theme 1:  Micromotors

This theme will seek to establish a new type of microscopic motor, capable of delivering loads through fluid environments for healthcare applications.  Crucial to this theme will be the adoption of fabrication techniques that can be scaled up for mass production, together with the development of theoretical methods to understand how motor design can be improved to optimise motion.

Theme 2: Magneto-elastic membranes

Building on theme 1, we will move from studying individual elements to groups of interconnected devices.  Gaining theoretical and experimental knowledge of how collective motion affects the material properties and hydrodynamics of surrounding fluid will pave the way for development of a new class of magnetic metamaterial devices.

Theme 3: Prototypes

Once the basic principle of the magnetic metamaterials has been established, the final theme will concentrate on developing their applications.  This will produce prototype devices designed to address specific challenges in fabricating tuneable optical metamaterials and in translating biological laboratory methods into bedside medical instruments, so-called “lab-on-a-chip” products.

For more information about the current research investigated by the ABIOMATER Project, visit our publications page.