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Apprenticeships - University of Exeter Apprenticeships news and updates - Page 2

Working in the Office of Vice-Chancellor and Senior Executive as an Apprentice

Nov. 25, 2019 by

Becky Critoph Business Administration Apprentice, Office of Vice-Chancellor & Senior Executive (Business Administrator Level 3) Tell us a bit about yourself. Before I started my apprenticeship, I was at university for a few years, before leaving for various reasons, but

My apprenticeship as an Engineering Technician

Nov. 20, 2019 by

Cam Mould, Technical Services (Engineering Technician, Electrical Maintenance, Level 3) Tell us a bit about yourself. Explain what you were doing before your apprenticeship. When I finished school in Exeter I was very indecisive as to where I wanted to

Kevin’s Team Leader Apprenticeship

Nov. 7, 2019 by

Kevin Wigmore, Estate Patrol, Commercial Residential & Campus Services (CMI Level 3 Diploma in Management) Tell us a bit about yourself. Explain what you were doing before your apprenticeship. My apprenticeship was the first learning I had done since leaving school.

Working as a Laboratory Technician Apprentice

Nov. 6, 2019 by

Georgina Morris, Laboratory Technician, Exeter Sequencing Service (Level 3 Laboratory Technician Apprenticeship) Tell us a bit about yourself I left secondary school in 2007 with GCSE’s and left my part-time job as a Waitress for a full-time role as a Laboratory Technician

Sector Leading Apprenticeship Pay at the University of Exeter

Aug. 1, 2019 by

Sector Leading Apprenticeship Pay at the University of Exeter!   Our Vice Chancellors Executive Group (VCEG) agreed that the voluntary Real Living Wage should be applied to apprentices employed by the University of Exeter from August 2019. This will ensure that:


Jul. 4, 2019 by

The 2019 University of Exeter Professional Services Recognition Awards (PSRA) took place on Friday 28 June with nearly 200 guests celebrating the outstanding achievements of colleagues. The Apprentice of the Year Award seeks to acknowledge and celebrate an apprentice’s exceptional

Exeter College “Awards on Tour”

Jun. 17, 2019 by

Mike Blakeley (Director of Apprenticeships and Employer Engagement & Head of Business Solutions and Enterprise at Exeter College) presented the award to the University of Exeter apprenticeship manager and apprentices. The “Large Employer of the Year” 2019 award recognises “the exceptional work

Emily Roberts tells us about her Business Admin Apprenticeship

Jun. 6, 2019 by

Emily Roberts, Recruitment Administration Apprentice (Level 2 Business Administration Apprenticeship) Why did you choose to become an apprentice? After getting a Diploma in Health and Social Care at Exeter College, I decided that it wasn’t for me and I wanted

Business School Apprentices by Maggie Bishop

May. 2, 2019 by

Maggie Bishop, University of Exeter Business School Are there any particular barriers that were overcome to embed apprentices within your team? I think mindsets. Initially, academic staff might ask ‘will an apprentice be able to handle this work?’ ‘Is there

Jordanna tells us about her Engineering Apprenticeship

Apr. 17, 2019 by

Jordanna Broom, Engineering Apprentice, Mechanical Workshop How did you find out about apprenticeships? Your school? A family member? I found out about apprenticeships through my college, when companies came in to hold talks and to inform us all about what

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