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Fieldwork stories from the UK and beyond! This can include excavation, museum work and experimental work.

Archaeological Fieldwork, Romania

Exeter undergraduates Sophie Pallett and Cristina Crizbasan, recent graduate Jake Godfrey, graduate student Donna Thompson, and Exeter alumnus Emma Rosen are at Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusa, the capital of Roman Dacia in Romania participating in a two week archaeological excavation. 

Sarmizegetusa, founded by Roman veterans of the Dacian war early in the second century, once had a population of over 20,000 and boasted an amphitheatre, several temples, and forum. Much of the site – including the forum and coliseum – has been excavated and turned into an archaeological park.

The coliseum at sunset. Credit: Donna Thompson

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Summer Fieldwork in South Dakota, by Hayden Cooper

Students working in the Archeodome Photo credit: Hayden Cooper

Students working in the Archeodome
Photo: Hayden Cooper

For the past 12 years, archaeology students from the University of Exeter and its transatlantic partner, Augustana College, have been excavating the Mitchell Prehistoric Indian Village together. This year was the most productive year at the site with international newspapers and television networks covering the new developments at the excavation.

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