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Research Seminar #7: “Ceramic ware as a medium to explore blood purity” by Dr Veronica Velasquez


Dr. Velasquez discussed her very interesting PhD research into changes in the ceramic craft industry in colonial Mexico from approximately the seventeenth century onwards in her talk entitled “Untainted lineages: Ceramic ware as a medium to explore the doctrine of blood purity in Colonial Mexico”. She examined ceramic assemblages from a number of sites in Mexico City that were ranked in terms of social status. Expensive ceramic tableware used at some of these sites included Chinese porcelain in addition to majolica ware, and Dr. Velasquez linked stylistic and ornamentation changes in these ceramics with social changes in colonial Mexico. Some of these social changes including a preference for strict religious piety and avoidance of decorative or gluttonous lust, including in food consumption and dining practices, may be correlated with the use of ‘pure’ tableware such as the white maiolica ceramics.

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