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ArchaeologistsEngage: ArchaeologistsEngage is a non-profit organisation that aims to promote improved communication between archaeology professionals and their wider public. You can read more about the initiative and sign up for their 2016 Public Engagement Challenge here.

Student blogs

Tathagata Neogi: Tathagata is an ethnoarchaeologist studying extant iron-working communities of northern Telangana, India. He works closely with blacksmiths and iron-smelters to reconstruct the pre-industrial iron smelting technology and attempts to unravel the socio-cultural dynamics of these fast vanishing communities. You can read about his adventures here.

Matthew Knight: Matt blogs about his study of Bronze Age metalwork and the destruction thereof for his PhD, which includes a lot of museum visits in South West England and some experimental archaeology too. Read about his research here.

Emily Johnson: Emily’s study of bone fat processing and butchery in the LBK means a lot of travel around Europe. She blogs about this and other musings of a PhD student here, or you can visit the NeoMilk project website to read more about the wider project.

Sheahan Bestel: Sheahan’s blog details her exciting (and sometimes hilarious) adventures as an archaeobotanist studying ancient environments. Read more about these and the work Sheahan has been up to here.

Ethan Greenwood: Ethan is a PhD student studying the Roman iron industry of the Weald. He is on a collaborative studentship with the University of Exeter and the Wealden Iron Research Group. Follow his antics here.


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