Further Reading

A very comprehensive list of primary (by Brian Moore) and secondary (about Brian Moore) materials is provided by Michael Crowley in “A Brian Moore Bibliography,” The Canadian Journal of Irish Studies 23.2 (1997): 89-121.

Wide-ranging information about Brian Moore is also available via Ricorso.net.

By Brian Moore


Wreath for a Redhead (1951)

The Executioners (1951)

French for Murder (1954) (as Bernard Mara)

A Bullet for My Lady (1955) (as Bernard Mara)

Judith Hearne (1955), a.k.a. The Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne

This Gun for Gloria (1956) (as Bernard Mara)

Intent to Kill (1956) (as Michael Bryan)

The Feast of Lupercal (1957)

Murder in Majorca (1957) (as Michael Bryan)

The Luck of Ginger Coffey (1960)

An Answer from Limbo (1962)

The Emperor of Ice-Cream (1965)

I am Mary Dunne (1968)

Fergus (1970)

The Revolution Script (1971)

Catholics (1972)

The Great Victorian Collection (1975)

The Doctor’s Wife (1976)

The Mangan Inheritance (1979)

The Temptation of Eileen Hughes (1981)

Cold Heaven (1983)

Black Robe (1985)

The Colour of Blood (1987)

Lies of Silence (1990)

No Other Life (1993)

The Statement (1995)

The Magician’s Wife (1997)

*This list of 27 includes 7 pulp novels and The Revolution Script, the latter not always classified as a novel.

Short Stories

Moore published numerous short stories in a variety of periodicals. 8 of these have recently been collected as The Dear Departed published by Turnpike Books (2020).

In addition to the short stories listed in Crowley’s bibliography, there are:

“Enemies of the People,” Bluebook May 1953

“The Ridiculous Proposal,” Bluebook Jan 1954

“The Specialist,” Bluebook Mar 1953

and other, as yet, unidentified stories in The American Magazine, Lilliput (London), Everybody’s Weekly (London) and Mayfair. See Denis Sampson, Brian Moore: The Chameleon Novelist (Toronto: Doubleday, 1998) 75.


See Michael Crowley