New member: Eliana Molina

I’m originally from the department of Cauca, Colombia, a renowned mining district in the country. Then I moved to Manizales to do my undergraduate degree in Geology at the University of Caldas, I lived there for seven years. Now I am in Penryn, UK, pursuing to achieve MSc by Research degree at the University of Exeter. What most attracted me to come to Cornwall was the University focus con sustainable mining and the excellent research standard of CSM.

My research focuses on devising environmentally sound alternatives to improve the efficiency and impact of artisanal scale gold mining. My project is concerned primarily in solving the problem of mercury as a prime pollutant.

I enjoy living in Cornwall because it is a peaceful community surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and beautiful wildlife. It’s really nice to walk around campus and see rabbits and squirrels playing around. Also, living nearby the beach is a new and exciting experience.

My favourite mineral is Quartz. It composes the majority of the earth crust and it presents itself in so many diverse forms that has become a pivotal component for human technological development. Without it, we wouldn’t have laptops or solar panels, isn’t that amazing?


Eliana Katherine Molina Ramirez

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