Postdoc available LiFT: Lithium for Future Technology

We’re recruiting a Postdoctoral Research Fellow to participate in the NERC consortium project LiFT: Lithium for Future Technology (https://twitter.com/Li4FutureTech). This NERC funded post is available 1 May 2021 to 30 April 2023.

Drilling to explore for Li-rich brines*

The project aims to better understand the Earth system processes that concentrate lithium into mineral deposits, from which lithium can be mined in an economically feasible and an environmentally responsible manner. A significant part of the project is to understand the role that microbes play in concentrating lithium, and how more sustainable methods of lithium extraction can be achieved using microbial processes. The successful applicant will be involved in:

  • Characterising Li-rich environmental samples from salars and geothermal brines from the deep subsurface for
    • (a) microbial community composition and diversity
    • (b) the presence and abundance of functional genes using metagenomics and quantitative PCR
    • (c) geochemistry
  • Undertaking sediment microcosm and enrichment experiments, growing cultures of microorganisms, performing batch sorption and biomineralisation experiments
  • Taking part in field work to collect samples

We’re looking for someone who has experience in

Salar (salt lake) in Argentina**

  • Processing and interpreting amplicon and metagenomic DNA sequencing data from next generation platforms e.g. Illumina, MinION
  • DNA extraction, PCR, quantitative PCR
  • Working with biogeochemical cycling in environmental samples e.g. sediment microcosms AND/OR growing and maintaining microbial cultures e.g. bacteria, algae, cyanobacteria

For futher information and to apply for the job click here. The closing date is 1 March 2021. Please contact or with any questions.

* Image source Cornish Lithium ** Image source Laura Newsome

Laura Newsome

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