Mayra Diaz del Olmo Oliveira

I´m originally from Lima, Peru. I did my undergraduate degree in environmental engineering and after completing it, I worked 5 years in environmental consultancy for the mining industry and 2 years in a multinational mining company that operated in Cusco, Peru.

In 2019, I decided to return to academia and moved to Leeds to do a master in environment and development. This short academic experience plus my previous work experiences motivated me to move to research and in 2021 I joined the Camborne School of Mines – University of Exeter to do an MSc by research in sustainable mining.

My research is focused on the analysis of the regional environmental performance of mining corporations through the examination of the corporate sustainability reports. This research explores the debate about the regional environmental performance of mining companies using the indicator ‘environmental incidents’, but additionally it explores the ‘legal environmental compliance’ variable from two perspectives – considering the corporate and governmental sides.

Additionally, by using the corporate sustainability reports of the mining companies, this research contributes to the examination of them to determine the effectiveness of the transparency reports disclosed in the mining industry and the quality of reporting.

Apart from academic stuff, I love the experience of living here in the UK. The culture here is so rich, and England is all covered by green spaces, loads of natural areas to explore, and historic places to visit and to learn from them. I take every opportunity to go outdoors for ‘explorations’ around, especially if I can learn something from a place and lift the spirit with a beautiful view or landscape.


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Mayra Alejandra Diaz Del Olmo Oliveira

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