Fun Fairs

Tuesday, July 18

At the end of two public lectures, we invite members of the public to a ‘fun fair’ with some hands-on demos for children and adults to use. Demonstrations will start around 7:30pm, on the open stage of the Northcott Theatre. Please book here or share it on Facebook.

Location: Streatham Campus: Northcott Theatre (NT, n. 13 on the map).

Yurdanur Tulunay, Middle East Technical University Ankara, Turkey I Love my Sun
Maria Weber, University of Exeter, UK Stellar Magnetism
Ciaran Beggan, British Geological Survey, UK Geomagnetism
Gabrielle Provan, University of Leicester, UK Planeterrella
Maria Kutzenova & Karin Muglach, NASA, USA Space Weather Modelling
Wednesday, July 19

We invite members of the public to a joint event with the Norman Lockyer Observatory (NLO). Demonstrations will start around 3:30pm.

Location: the Norman Lockyer Observatory, Sidmouth.

David Strange &
Rev. Kate Kay, NLO
Historical talks about Norman Lockyer and his Observatories
Allan Brittan, NLO Lantern slide show from the NLO archive
NLO members The Domes of NLO and, weather allowing, solar observations with the NLO Siderostat and the John Pope Solar telescope
NLO members The Lockyer Technology Centre: displays of live meteor detections, VLF monitoring of solar activity, magnetometer displays and Cubesat tracking.
Suzy Bingham, Met Office,
Sharon Strawbridge, University of Exeter & Ciaran Beggan, BGS
Space Weather Monitoring & Magnetometer stall
Patricia Reiff, Rice University, USA “MAGNETISM” Planetarium show
NLO members Planetarium shows in the James Lockyer Planetarium (offered to the general public only – after 3:30pm).

The program of events in Sidmouth will be concluded by a public lecture at the Kennaway House at 6:30pm. Please book here or share it on Facebook.