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Deployment -


The first deployment of the IMP@CT system was in spring 2019, at Olovo in Bosnia. After a lengthy and protracted period of designing and constructing the Plant, it finally left Plymouth in March, 2019 and made its way across Europe on four trucks, supplied by KG Logistics (UK). At its destination it was unloaded and as soon as the ground works were completed it was moved into position on the Mineco mine site, assisted by the local Geomet team. Saeid Moradi, the chief designer and engineer on the project was there to oversee its installation. IMP@CT rented a house in the local area, and a vehicle, to ensure that staff had accommodation and transport without impinging too much on the local hosts.  See more













Integrated Modular Plant and Containerised Tools for Selective, Low-impact Mining of Small High-grade Deposits

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