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Mines of the Future Conference 2018 -

Mines of the Future Conference 2018

Prof Dr Bernd Lottermoser welcomes everyone to the conference


The First International Conference MINES OF THE FUTURE, AIMS 2018 was held at RWTH Aachen on 23-24 May 2018. The IMPaCT Project held a special session during the conference which was well attended, and consisted of two Keynote speakers – Dr Kathryn Moore and Dominic Roberts, and five further presentations from IMPaCT partners as well as posters, and participation in a panel discussion on the subject of “Mines of the future need to be different from those of today?”

Dr Kathryn Moore (UNEXE) “The emerging niche of small-scale mining” (Keynote address)

Dominic Roberts (MINECO) “The Future of European Mining” (Keynote address)

Guillaume Bertrand (BRGM) “IMP@CT baseline database for ‘switch-on switch-off’ extraction

Olga Sidorenko (UEF) “Reconsidering small-scale mining and its community relations in Europe: developing a research frame for case studies in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Luke Palmer (UNEXE) “Definition of mineral respurces during exploration and exploitation in a ‘switch-on switch-off’ mining context

Lars Barnewold (RWTH) Development of a mine pan for a flexible switch-on switch-off mining system in steeply dipping deposits

Jerome Bodin (BRGM) Linking mineral processing simulation with life cycle assessment to evaluate the potential environmental impacts in the framework of small-scale mining technologies development

Saeid Moradi (UNEXE) Poster: Designing the IMP@CT modular mobile containerised mineral processing plant

Marjan Knobloch (RWTH) Poster: Prediction of the acid and metalliferous drainage-forming potential for the Gorazde antimony deposit, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Marius Braun (RWTH) Poster: Ventilation systems for future mining operations


The Conference was introduced and everyone was welcomed by the host, Prof Dr Bernd Lottermoser, of RWTH Aachen, and the first keynote speaker was Dr Kathryn Moore, who is the scientific lead on the IMP@CT project, from the University of Exeter. She was followed by Dominic Roberts, who is a member of Mineco and host of the IMP@CT  test mine sites in Bosnia. Five further presentations followed from members of the IMPaCT project (listed above), covering the many aspects and Work Packages. The social survey, (WP5), was presented by Olga Sidorenko from the University of Eastern Finland.

There were approximately 250 international delegates, from all aspects of small-deposit mining companies and research centres. The conference was divided into two sessions which ran throughout – one focusing on Responsible and Sustainable Mining, and the other on Technological Advances and Innovation. 20 members of the IMPaCT Consortium attended and Julian Allwood, who is a member of the IMPaCT SAB was also present.

There were many opportunities for networking, and the Conference Dinner was a chance to discuss with a wide range of nationalities and specialisms the topics of the day. Entertainment was provided by a local choir made up of retired coalminers all in full regalia.

A selection of abstracts from IMPaCT members are available here:

Conference Abstracts


Integrated Modular Plant and Containerised Tools for Selective, Low-impact Mining of Small High-grade Deposits

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