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EPSE Team -


Vesa Kainulainen

Vesa Kainulainen

Vesa Kainulainen holds a MSc in Mining Engineering from the Aalto University, Finland. He has long experience of different positions in mining industry. Co-Founder of Talvivaara mine, Green Fuel Nordic Oy and EPSE


Felix Fondem

Responsible for the overall management of EPSE contribution and participation in the IMP@CT project.  Member of the Board and responsible for the international operations at Global EcoProcess Services Oy (EPSE). He has 25 year successful track record of performance in international business operations with multinational industry and engineering companies. He has served in various leadership roles spanning over general management, global sales and marketing, strategic planning and business development and over the past seven years has made substantial hands-on experience, funding and business leadership contributions to innovative startup technology companies in the environmental and sustainable energy sectors across UK, Finland, Russia and Germany.

Successfully launched and managed over 10 startup business operations within the engineering, building and investment consultancy industries in Finland, the Baltic countries, UK, Poland, Russia, other CIS countries and successfully launched manufacturing and subcontracting operations in South Korea and China.

Integrated Modular Plant and Containerised Tools for Selective, Low-impact Mining of Small High-grade Deposits

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