Members of the International Youth Foundation visit Athiriver Prison

October 2017 – Mindful Leaders from Athiriver Prison in Kenya welcomed visitors from the International Youth Foundation in collaboration with the Good News Bible School. The Organisations were working together to share Mindfulness collectively to the inmates and staff. Teachings were also shared by the Mindful Leaders to their guests. It is collaboration like this that spreads the positive movement of Mindfulness and changes lives.

The day was enjoyed by all and a lot was learnt. The learning is going to be incorporated into the Mindful Leader programme Handbook to further enrich future Mindful Leaders lives.

Abigail, a Welfare Officer from the prison shared a topic that had a huge impact her from the day, the power of Perception… She shared these inspiring words.

 A blind beggar sat on the road side with a placard written AM BLIND PLEASE HELP ME!  no one was willing to help! A young lady came and changed his words on the placard and wrote IT’S A BEAUTIFUL DAY BUT I CAN’T SEE IT. Imagine just the change of the words made so many people to help him. Let’s change the words written on our prisoner’s hearts  . let’s put beautiful smiles on their faces.

A lesson many of us could incorporate into our lives……

Here are a few pictures that illustrate the unity, sharing and learning that took place….

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