The University of Exeter has released its

Mindful Leader Programme Naivasha 2015 to 2017 

to the African Prisons Project!!

Is a passionate revolution which takes over a prison, captures all those it comes into contact with, and moves outside  the prison walls scary, life changing, desirable, even possible? It is all of those things.

It’s happening. It’s positive and incredible!

The new report details the progress and impact of an amazing revolution taking place in the Kenyan Prison System where inmates are transforming their lives and those of others around them.  The transformation stems from a training programme called Mindfulness PLUS initiated by Dr Adarves-Yorno. 

The training programme first started in 2015 when Dr Adarves-Yorno was introduced to the Kenyan Prison Senior Leaders.  On her first visit to the see the prisoners themselves Dr Adarves-Yorno found most of them felt incarceration was the end of their lives, they had no hope, they engaged in aggressive behaviour, they could not deal with their negative emotions, they considered the guards the “enemy”, there was conflict and resistance to the prison rules and regulations of the institution. Following the training, prisoners have reported they can lead their lives more mindfully, they have found purpose and their lives have meaning – even for those who expect to spend the rest of their days behind bars. They have learnt how to deal with their emotions, they have higher mental wellbeing and resilience and their levels of aggression have decreased. They want to make the world a better place. Some guards and inmates are now seen as “family” and the use of alcohol and drugs has significantly decreased

Take a look at the report to find out more about the extraordinary Mindful Revolution and its impact from the prisoners themselves, the prison leaders and our academic research.

Project Evolution….

Our mindfulness project has been continuing to evolve over the last year, and the impact is spreading out into the community and changing more lives. The mindful leaders have now been approached by universities and local charities who are working within the community to support their clients with mindfulness practices. Furthermore, the mindful leaders are now working in a partnership with a local charity who wish to pioneer mindfulness into Western Kenyan schools

******** Mindful Leader Programme Naivasha 2015 to 2017 ********


  • A video by the African Prisons Project, the Mindfulness Plus project in action….


“Today here I am; strong again. I have overcome my mental pain and at last, though in prison, I’m free again. I have come to realize that the day Dr. Inmaculada Adarves Yorno introduced mindfulness to my soul, that was the first day of the rest of my life” Daddy Cool Erico – A Mindful Leader who participated in the Mindful Programme.