Coding Boot Camp

Block 1: Coding Boot Camp

We assume you have no or little programming experience before joining this course. We use Python for demonstrating the philosophy of programming as Python is an easy-to-learn fast-growing programming language. All the skills you learn in this week are also transferable to other programming languages too!

You will start with writing simple python scripts, then build your programming skills on top of this gradually by learning algorithms, functions, lists, loops, conditions, reading and writing files, finding bugs, displaying results using graphs, etc. At the end of this week, you will complete a fun group project by applying skills you have learnt, through which you will find yourself capable of solving real-life problems using python programming.

Sessions will run online.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this block you will have reached the below objectives:

  • I can write my first program, and understand how the computer processes different types of data
  • I feel comfortable defining functions to re-use a block of code, creating and appending a list of numbers or strings, and finding bugs in my code
  • I can control my program’s execution by determining which block of code to be executed (if-else), or by repeating a block of code multiple times (loops)
  • I can read and write files. Instead of the dull text output, I can draw graphs, figures and tables using Python. Facing a real-life problem, I learn how to analyse it, design it and transform it into code
  • I can approach and implement a group project to solve a real-life problem

Student Feedback

“Law and tech are a new merged field. Understanding┬áthe way code works will help being able to work alongside and regulate it.” (Female, 27 years old, MA Law)

“It helped introduce me to Python and have me working on an interesting project at the end.” (Male, 22 years old, BA History)