Social Data Analytics

Block 2: Social Data Analytics

Throughout this week students will meet daily ‘learning objectives’ for analysing social data, which will sum together by the end of the week to form a strong transferable skillset. Students will join us on Monday with little or no knowledge of R and social data analysis and by Friday will have completed a group project using new skills in: R coding, handling data in R, data visualisation, and statistical comparisons of group means.

Sessions will run online.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this block you will have reached the below objectives:
  • I feel comfortable working with objects and handling data in R
  • I can use commands in R to summarise and visualise data
  • I can apply a range of different data visualisation techniques to different types of social data
  • I can visualise and statistically compare group means

Student Feedback

“The teaching was excellent – it was very engaging, interesting and I found it easy to follow. The explanations were about right for the level of coding experience I had and I thought that any questions that I had were answered fully.” (Female, 21 years old, BA Biological Sciences)

“Content was excellent – [I learnt] more in this week than I learnt in my BSc undergrad.” (Female, 22 years old, BSc Politics and International Relations)