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Victoria Volodina: Chair of the committee

Victoria is a fourth year PhD student in the College of Engineering, Maths and Physical Sciences (CEMPS) at the University of Exeter. Her research is in the field of Uncertainty Quantification (UQ), in particular, she is interested in building surrogate models for complex computer simulators for calibration purposes and Bayesian optimal design for computer experiments. Roles in the conference include bookings and budgeting.

Louise Kimpton: Chair of the committee

Louise is a third year PhD student in CEMPS at the University of Exeter. Her research is based on Uncertainty Quantification where in particular she is studying how to build models for systems where there are two or more solutions separated by bifurcations or tipping points. This has led her to look into latent Gaussian processes and more recently run length in de Bruijn graphs. Her roles in the conference include budgeting and logo design.


Wenzhe Xu

Wenzhe is a second year PhD student in CEMPS in Exeter working on Uncertainty Quantification (UQ). Her current work involves multi-wave design for computer model calibration using Gaussian process emulators and history matching. She is also looking at UQ for computer models using high-dimensional output. Roles in the conference include graphics development and website design.


Oliver Stoner

Oliver is a second year PhD student researching the use of Bayesian hierarchical models to account for flawed observation processes. His work includes developing models to address under-reporting and delayed-reporting in count data, missing values in a multivariate context and sampling biases. His roles in organising the conference include contacting potential sponsors

Evan Baker

Evan is a second year PhD student in CEMPS at Exeter. Also in the field of Uncertainty Quantification; Evan’s current work involves developing techniques to statistically model stochastic (random output) computer models using Gaussian process emulators. He hopes to use these techniques to allow for better designs of buildings that account for the expected effects of climate change. Roles in the conference includes organisation of plenary speakers’ sessions.


Sam Allen

Sam is in the second year of his PhD studying the statistical calibration of weather forecasts at the University of Exeter. He is working alongside the Met Office to investigate how biases in dynamical weather models depend upon patterns in the atmospheric circulation, with the hope of exploiting this to generate more skilful forecasts of extreme weather events. Sam is responsible for organising conference funding and publicising the event.

Heba Bashaykh

Heba is a second year PhD student in CEMPS at Exeter University. She is working on developing statistical methods for evaluating the performance of multivariate forecasts. These methods help to learn more about forecasts and diagnose the source of forecast error. The application will be on temporal weather forecasting. Heba is responsible for coordinating the evening activities for conference participants.


Charlie Kirkwood

Charlie is a first year PhD student in CEMPS at Exeter University. He is working with the Met Office to develop statistical modelling/machine learning methods to improve probabilistic weather forecasting. Charlie is most interested in how artificial intelligence can improve on our understanding of the world and allow us to make better decisions. Roles in the conference include session organising.



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