Key Memory Tips

Take it Easy

  • Try not to do too many things at once
  • Anxiety and tiredness can affect memory, so try and avoid stressful situations
  • If you do forget something, stay calm and think of associations that may jog your memory

Be Well Organised

  • Keep in a fixed routine, with set things at set times of the day
  • Be systematic – have a place for everything and put back everything in its place
  • When travelling about, check regularly that you have everything with you. Be extra careful about keeping your belongings together and in sight

Learn Deeply

  • Concentrate to the full when you have to remember something. Find ways of motivating yourself to concentrate better
  • If you have to remember something such as a name or message, go over it in your mind at regular intervals
  • Try to find meaning in things you have to remember e.g. by making associations

Use Memory Aids

  • Use memory aids such as dry-wipe boards, Post-It notes, diaries/calendars and alarms to help remember messages and to do things

These ideas are taken from the booklet “Managing Your Memory” by Narinder Kapur. Please contact us if you would like to receive a copy free of charge.

You can also find more information about memory and epilepsy on the Epilepsy Action website.