Remembering Where

Tips for Remembering where you put Something

  • Use an alarm device which makes a sound when you clap or whistle that can be attached to a key chain. These can be very useful if you are constantly losing keys.
  • Attach velcro to the object you keep misplacing and the surface where it should normally rest. Get in the habit of replacing the item against the velcro when you have finished using it – as it should be the first place to look
  • Label objects which are easily misplaced with your name and telephone number e.g. calculators, umbrellas, and coats.
  • Try to use only one bag when you are out shopping or putting bags inside each other so that you do not have too many to carry.
  • When you sit down, try to put the bags you were carrying in front of you so that you remember to pick them up when you leave.
  • Count how many objects you are carrying and check from time to time that you still have the same number of items.
  • Try to get in the habit of parking in a regular place or near something recognisable, such as a pay kiosk.
  • Concentrate in situations where you are likely to forget something e.g. when getting off a train.
  • Try and remember the last time you had the item and go step-by-step through what you were doing afterwards to think about where it might have ended up.
  • Pretend you are putting the object away for the first time and look in all the most likely places you would have put the object, followed by the places which are less likely.
  • Have a break from looking if you are becoming frustrated and come back later when you are calmer. If you still can not find it, consider making do without it, using another object instead or buying a replacement.