Welcome to TRENDY!

Following the studies of Le Quéré et al., 2009 and Sitch et al., 2008, a consortium of Dynamic Global Vegetation Model (DGVM) groups set up a project to investigate further the spatial trends in Net Biome Production (NBP) and agreed to perform a factorial set of DGVM simulations over the historical period, Sitch et al., BG, 2015.

As a community we decided to repeat this project every year since the first TRENDY-v1 in year 2010 in support of the Global Carbon Project’s (GCP) annual global carbon budget assessment (e.g. Friedlingstein et al., ESSD 2022), and its new regional initiative, the Regional Carbon Cycle Assessment and Processes project (RECCAP2).

Each year (in ~July/August) the TRENDY group run our DGVMs (to the end of the previous year, i.e. 2021) in support of the Global Carbon Budget (GCB) annual assessment. TRENDY is currently led by Stephen Sitch, with GCB led by Pierre Friedlingstein (Exeter).

TRENDY delivers global & regional – Northern, tropics, southern- NBP data from all models for the GCB ESSD publication (these regional data are then freely available). However TRENDY models output a wider range of carbon and hydrological data (e.g. all gridded data) which are available for spin-off studies. The modelling teams have priority, but these data are also available to external collaborators on agreement (see Data Policy).

To access further information on the Trendy experiment, links to forcing data, DGVM output and the Trendy data policy, click on ‘Protocol’. Please notify us on how you wish to use the data.

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