Data Policy

Terms of Data Use

Our main objective is to make all TRENDY Data available to the wider scientific community. For the most recent data (TRENDYv11, 1901-2021 used in Global Carbon Budget 2022), co-authorship of TRENDY modellers depends on the importance of the TRENDY data in the study and should be discussed with the TRENDY coordinators (S. Sitch and P. Friedlingstein) early on in the process. All studies should be circulated to the modelling groups prior to submission.

If TRENDY-v11 forms a significant part of any publication / conference presentation (whether or not it is will be a joint decision with the TRENDY co-ordinators) then the modelling groups / co-ordinators should be invited to be co-author (in a reasonable lead time to allow significant input, a minimum 3 weeks before submission — however you are encouraged to engage with the modellers at an earlier stage). If the TRENDY results are only a minor component (e.g. in a figure the multi-model NBP mean is shown) then it is fine just to acknowledge the project (again this is a joint decision between the data user and the TRENDY co-ordinators).

See GCB office website for more information: