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Sustainable and Resilient Water Infrastructure: flood risk and resilience - BRIM - Building Resilience Into risk Management

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Sustainable and Resilient Water Infrastructure: flood risk and resilience

Friday 16th September 2016  Loughborough LE11 3GR

The workshop “Sustainable and Resilient Water Infrastructure: flood risk and resilience”  gathered researchers from industry and academia to discuss the main challenges for a resilient water infrastructure in the UK. Extreme weather events put water infrastructure at risk while population growth increases demand. In many cases the aging water infrastructure is not able to cope. There is a question of how water infrastructure can become resilient to floods? There is also another important question: Are current research efforts enough to ensure a resilient future? Or are there any gaps that need to be filled in order to ensure the adequate dealing of repeated flooding events? This workshop covered topics such as: linking community resilience and infrastructure resilience, natural flood management and catchment approach, flood risk management, flood risk modelling, drainage management in a changing climate, and various others. The  workshop was a one-day event divided into two parts: first, a series of presentations from invited speakers and second, a workshop discussion. To view the presentation’ slides please follow the links in the programme. For more information about this event please contact the organiser Dr. Fanlin Meng.


09:45    Welcome and Introduction   Guangtao Fu

10:00    Safe & Sure Water Infrastructure   David Butler

10:25    Linking Community Resilience and Infrastructure Resilience   Sarah Bell

10:50    Harnessing Water for a City’s Future Success   Giles Booth

11:45    Natural Flood Management and Catchment Approach   Ian Pattison

12:10    Real Options for Resilient Flood Risk Management   Zoran Kapelan

12:35    Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Technology for Flood Mapping in Congested Areas   Monica Rivas Casado

14:00    Separating the Risk in Flood Risk Modelling   Richard Allitt

14:25    Flood Risk and Drainage Management in a Changing Climate   Enrico Isnenghi

14:50    Proofing the Concept of Sustainable Drainage Schemes Using an Integrated Urban Drainage Model   Anthony Raine

15:15    Brainstorming Session

16:15    Discussion and Feedback

16:30    End


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