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Publications - BRIM - Building Resilience Into risk Management

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A. Casal-Campos, S. Sadr, G. Fu, D. Butler. Reliable, Resilient and Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems: an Analysis of Robustness under Deep Uncertainty. Environmental Science and Technology (in press).

F. Meng, G. Fu, R. Farmani, C. Sweetapple, D. Butler. Topological Attributes of Network Resilience: A Study in Water Distribution Systems, Water Research (in press).

Y. Wang, A. S. Chen, G. Fu, S. Djordjević, C. Zhang, D. A. Savić. An integrated framework for high-resolution urban flood modelling considering multiple information sources and urban features, Environmental Modelling and Software. 2018, 107: 85-95. [Full text]

H. Liu, Y. Wang, C. Zhang, A. S. Chen, and G. Fu. Assessing real options in urban surface water flood risk management under climate change. Natural Hazards. 2018.

H. Liu, M. Zhao, C. Zhang, and G. Fu. Comparing Topological Partitioning Methods for District Metered Areas in the Water Distribution Network, Water. 2018, 10(4), 368 [Full text].



C. Zhang, Y. Li, J. Chu, and G. Fu. Use of many-objective visual analytics to analyse water supply objective trade-offs with water transfer, Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management. 2017, 143(8): 05017006.

C. Zhang, B. Xu, Y. Li, and G. Fu. Exploring the relationships among reliability, resilience and vulnerability of water supply using many-objective analysis, Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management. 2017, 143(8): 04017044.

F. Meng, G. Fu, and D. Butler. Cost-effective river water quality management using integrated real-time control technology, Environmental Science and Technology. 201751(17), pp 9876–9886. [Full text]







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