Group D – Toshiro Mifune

Cressida – Source 1 The Hollywood Reporter article written about the 2015 unveiling of the […]

Group D – Exeter Cinemagoing

During such a traumatic and difficult time for society, cinema helped bring people together and […]

Group D – British Film and WW2

  The source which we have chosen to study is from the BFI’s (British Film […]

Group D – Expressionism in Dr. Caligari

Expressionist film was used to convey an emotion or meaning rather than mimicking reality. It […]

Group D – Cinema as a powerful tool

“No wonder political documentaries are on the rise – the truth is more gripping than […]

Group D: Working with Early Cinema

“My invention (the motion picture camera) can be exploited… as a scientific curiosity, but apart […]