Easy-Read Version of Our Neurodiversity Leaflet

After we received the online feedback from our previous diagnosis leaflet which suggested that we make a version that would be accessible to a wider range of people on the autism spectrum, we began to create an ‘Easy-Read’ version. We achieved this by initially using an online readability checker to scan the text and flag up any words that may need altering in the new version. The layout of the leaflet was altered in accordance with an ‘How to Make Information Accessible’ resource from the Change People charity website.

The new version created was then looked over by our Exploring Diagnosis team, an Autism Spectrum Coordinator at Bury College, Manchester, and a group of autistic adults and support workers from Stallcombe House, Exeter. These several trial sessions allowed us to refine the leaflet such that it was clear and usable by the people for which it was intended.

The leaflet is now available on the Exploring Diagnosis website and Tes.

A big thank you to impact officer Clare Pybus for helping us achieve this! 

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