Archaeologists from the University of Exeter at the EAA conference

IEAAn early September archaeologists from the University of Exeter made the journey to Glasgow to attend the annual meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists. A very enjoyable and insightful time was had by all. Special mention should go to those involved in presentation papers or organising sessions at this prestigious conference.


Presenters from the University of Exeter:

Urbanisation processes in early medieval central Europe, Herold, H

Perinatal Death and Cultural Buffering in a Neolithic Community: Case study of a neonatal individual from Çatalhöyük, Tibbetts, B

Out-of-Time but not Out-of-Place: Commemorating and Forgetting Traditions through Metalwork in the Bronze Age of Southern Britain, Knight, M

Going Underground: Life, death and shifting perceptions of subterranean sites in North Yorkshire from the Early Neolithic to Roman times, Leach, S

Burial in Medieval Exeter: development and changes in practice from the post-Roman to the Early Modern period, Kingdom, M

Gender and Commodification of the Past: The (mis-) representations of Viking women in cultural production, Wapshott, E (South West Archaeology); Schenck, T; Tibbetts, B (University of Exeter); Buffon, V

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