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The Centre for Ecology and Conservation teaches the Penryn Biosciences programmes. We launched a series of Summer Sessions to prepare you for joining us. Each week we showcased the research undertaken by our staff and students in the form of live webinars, Q&As, magazine articles, podcasts, videos, photos, and more.

For our first Summer Session, we focussed on forests! From the Bornean jungle to local woodlands, here at the University of Exeter’s Penryn Campus, we research many different aspects of these ecosystems. Our staff and students are working to understand, protect, and restore forests around the world. Below you can find podcasts, blogs, and websites about this work.

Forest Webinar!

On Friday 3rd July we held a special, live webinar with one of our rainforest ecologists, showing remarkable footage of some very rare animals, and discussing the conservation of this amazing environment. See the recorded webinar here or on our Facebook page!

Natural Selection Podcast

The Natural Selection Podcast aims to communicate biological research from The University of Exeter to the general public. It is fully run and produced by students at The University of Exeter’s Centre for Ecology and Conservation, bringing listeners cutting-edge research from the department. In episode 21 the team talk to David Gill, project manager for Flora and Fauna International’s (FFI) Global Trees Campaign.

Life Nature Magazine

Life Nature Magazine is created by students from the University of Exeter and Falmouth University studying at the Penryn campus in Cornwall. Their aims are to exhibit student photography and art as well as sharing stories and news about our natural world. Due to the coronavirus pandemic the team has decided to make the spring edition, all about trees, public as a PDF to read for free!

Field Courses

Teaching in the field is at the core of our education ethos. Take a look at the field courses that took some of our students to the depths of the Borneo rainforest and the tops of the Monteverde cloud forest.


Forest For Cornwall

A team from the CEC and Environmental Sustainability Institute have been researching the best sites to reforest Cornwall. These sites would expand and connect existing forest, and will help Cornwall’s Council to plan its Forest For Cornwall, 8000 ha of new trees. You can see the results here.

Student Research

Abi Gwynn is one of the CEC’s former undergraduates, and she’s now doing a Masters studying how wildfire affects Orangutans in the forests of Borneo. She’s a nomad, naturalist, and conservationist, and takes amazing photos along the way. Read her startling article explaining the wildfires in Kalimantan, and her report from the scene of 2019’s fire season. Much of the burning takes place so that Palm Oil can be planted. To explain the scale of the problem, and what you can do to make a difference, check out this handy infographic Abi made.


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