BSc Graduate in Focus Series

In the BSc Graduate In Focus series we speak to several graduates from BSc programmes within the Centre for Ecology and Conservation at the University of Exeter’s Penryn Campus in Cornwall.

They share their experiences of studying in Cornwall, how their course has helped them in their careers and what they are doing now, as well as a few top tips on progressing to a career in conservation.











International Graduates

Valerio Donfrancesco (Italy, 2017) – PhD student, University of Cambridge 

Francesco Garzon (Italy, 2018) – Researcher, University of Exeter / King Abdullah’s University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia 

Sina Hesse (Germany, 2014) – Principal Multilingual Medical Information Specialist, ProPharma Group

Betty Tsang (Hong Kong, 2019) – Admin Assistant, BIAZA & volunteer, ZSL London Zoo


UK Graduates 

Roger Auster (UK, 2014) – Final-year PhD student, University of Exeter 

Peter Cooper (UK, 2016) – Ecologist and Researcher, Derek Gow Consultancy

Robin Fisher (UK, 2019) – Masters student, The National Film and Television School

Henry Fletcher (UK, 2005)Author, Wayfinding.Guide and Environmental Educator, Ocean Ambassadors.  

Oscar Furness (UK, 2017) – Researcher, BBC Natural History Unit

Meg Hayward-Smith (UK, 2020) – Marine Adviser, Natural England

Billy Heaney (UK, 2015) – Digital Communications Coordinator, Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust 

Robin MacLean (UK, 2007) – Aquaculture Stakeholder Engagement Lead, Scottish Government 

Ellie Mayhew (UK, 2019) – Regional Project Officer, Freshwater Habitats Trust

Erika Newton (UK, 2006) – Senior Managing Editor, British Ecological Society

Christophe Patterson (UK, 2018) – PhD Student, Durham University

Hannah Pollock (UK, 2017) – Researcher, BBC Natural History Unit

Daniel ‘Raz’ Rasmussen (UK, 2007) – Freelance TV Producer & Director, BBC Natural History Unit

Maddy Simmonds (UK, 2020) – Writer, Conservation Careers / Bloom in Doom

Steph Wheeler (UK, 2014) – Events Officer, Canal & River Trust – Unlocking the Severn project



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