Hakan Ertin (1962-2021)

Hakan Ertin

Hakan Ertin was born in Manisa/Turkey in 1962. After studying medicine at Istanbul University, Istanbul Faculty of Medicine, he worked as a physician at the Eminönü Municipality in Istanbul for a while. He did his PhD at the Department of History of Medicine and Medical Ethics at Istanbul University in 2007 and became a faculty member in the same department from 2014.
His research interest centered around a range of topics in the areas of bioethics, moral philosophy, ethics and philosophy of medicine. He was also a member the Turkish Green Crescent Society’s Board of Trustees, a member of the Board of the Istanbul University MUZEYUM, and the director of Besikcizade Center for Medical Humanities (BETIM). As the director of BETIM which is the first medical humanities center established in 2012 in Istanbul, he oversaw the research activities of a group of research fellows from various disciplines involved in practical issues arising from medical research and practice. The focus at BETIM lies on drawing together various perspectives in a multi- and interdisciplinary understanding in scholarly analyses. BETIM is home to research projects across medical and social sciences.

Hakan Ertin passed away of a heart attack on 15.03.2021, leaving his colleagues and students to continue his work.