Virtual seminars

The Humanitarian Ethics research group holds regular virtual seminars with speakers from NGOs, academics and policy makers.


Our first guest was Prof. Dr. Ihsan Karaman, co-founder and former 10-year Chair of the NGO Doctors Worldwide, as well as a Doctor in medical humanities and a professor of urology with expertise in paediatric urology. He discussed the importance of non-emergency medical aid.






The second seminar took place on 23 March with Prof. Dr. Ana Beduschi, Law School at Exeter University. She explored current issues related to digital vaccine passports.






Our third seminar took place on 19 April, 2021 with Prof. Dr. Darryl Macer, American University of Sovereign Nations, New Zealand, who discussed bioethics and disaster ethics.






The fourth seminar of our group took place on 27 May, 20201 with Christopher Lockyear, Secretary General, MSF International. He discussed MSF and humanitarian medical crises in COVID-19 times.






Our fifth seminar was held on 27 September, 2021, with Dr. Tariq H. Cheema, MD, Convener of Global Donors Forum and founder of the World Congress of Muslim Philanthroposits. The discussion centred on the challenges of humanitarian aid and philanthropy in current times.










Recordings of the seminars can be found on this page (links and drop down menu) and on the group’s vimeo channel.