Translating Women is an industry-facing and activist research project. Launched in 2018 to mark the Year of Publishing Women, Translating Women engages with publishers, translators and other stakeholders to work against gender bias in the UK translated literature market. As well as regular reviews and opinion posts on the Translating Women blog, the research-focused aspect of the project uses interviews with stakeholders alongside data analysis to look at which women authors get published, who translates them, and whether their geographical location or source language influences publishing decisions or literary reception. Translating Women challenges gender bias in all its forms, and its activist aims are inclusive and intersectional.

In line with my research interests, personal interests, and the shifting face of literature, the project focuses on women writers and women translators, though with a non-binary understanding of what the term “women” means. I work specifically with small UK publishing houses that promote translated literature, and who have a commitment to diversity and inclusivity in their publication choices.

As well as a substantial catalogue of reviews, you can also see featured interviews and opinion posts. In addition to my own posts, I welcome guest contributors to write for the blog, and if you’d like to be part of this then please request a contributor form from me at H.M.Vassallo@exeter.ac.uk.

I hope you’ll stop by often; you can also sign up to the mailing list via the sidebar on the homepage to get an email alert each time something new is posted. I also manage a Twitter account for the project (@translatewomen) so if you use social media you can find me over there too. And if you have reading recommendations or topics you’d like to discuss, please don’t hesitate to say so here, or to contact me privately at the address above.