Price, Product Quality, and Exporter Dynamics: Evidence from China

By Joel Rodrigue (Vanderbilt University) and Yong Tan (Nanjing University of Finance and Economics)

For the typical Chinese exporter, foreign sales grew exponentially after China’s entry to the WTO.  How was this so-called ‘economic miracle’ achieved in such a short span of time?… read more ...

(When) Do Anti-poverty Programs Reduce Violence? India’s Rural Employment Guarantee and Maoist Conflict

Aditya Dasgupta (University of California, Merced), Kishore Gawande (University of Texas, Austin), and Devesh Kapur (Johns Hopkins University – SAIS)

More than half of all nations have experienced a violent civil conflict since 1960.… read more ...

Welcome new members – January 2018

We would like to welcome the following new members of the InsTED network:

Dr Hendrik W.Kruse (University of Göttingen) His main research interests are in International Trade and Capital Flows, Inequality, Development and MENA (Middle East and North Africa)

Dr Karan Nagpal (University of Oxford) His main research interests are in Development Economics, Urban Economics and Political Economy

Prof Jee-Hyeong Park (Seoul National University) His main research interest is in International Trade

Dr Meredith Startz (Princeton University) Her main research interests are in Development Economics and International Trade

Dr Jonathan L.Weigel (Harvard University) His primary research interests are in taxation, corruption, and political engagement in developing countries

Prof Woan Foong Wong (University of Oregon) Her main research interests are International Economics and International Trade


 … read more ...