Here we go

Hello all,

This is first blog post I have ever posted. I thought it would be useful for participants and schools involved in this project to have a central place to access information online. As once a teacher in a state-funded school in England I can understand the pressures of being a teacher and the can appreciate information being available at ease.

By visiting this blog, you will be able to find information on The Lost in Translation Project, the people involved, access documents (participants’ and schools’), make contact through a variety of ways, visit other links relating to this research project and of course read blogs relating to he progress of this study.

I will cut this blog short as I am currently working on gathering information for this website and working on documentation to send to schools. I will aim to add something every week. I do hope people using this blog find it useful.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Conor Prior for designing the graphics for this project. which you can see here.

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