Participant Documents

This is where you can download any documentation you need or might have misplaced. Here you will find all versions of each type of document. If you require something that isn’t here or you require the documents in a different format (braille, audio or large print), then please contact Warren Speed by emailing: .


Participant Information Sheet (v1.0)

Participant handbook (v1.0)


Initial Invitation Letter to Schools (v1.0)

Enrolled Key Informant Participant Letter (v2.0)

Enrolled School Particpant Letter (v2.0)

Consent Forms

Key Informant Consent Form (v2.0)

School Consent Form (v2.0)


Key Informant Demographic Questionnaire (v1.0)


Ethical Approval Certificate (v1)

Ethical Approval Certificate (v2)

Ethical Approval Certificate (v3)

Ethics Application Form (v1)

Ethics Application Form (v2)

Ethics Application Form (v3)

Pre-visit Checklist

Pre-visit Checklist

Document Analysis

Participant Document Analysis Information Sheet

Document Analysis Participant Spread Sheet


Participant Transcript Information