Trade and Growth with Heterogeneous Firms and Asymmetric Countries

By Takumi Naito (Vanderbilt University and Waseda University)

Trade liberalization encourages more productive firms to start exporting, while it forces more unproductive firms to exit from their domestic markets. The increase in the average productivity because of tougher selection contributes to higher welfare of countries.… read more ...

Call for Papers: 28th Conference of the International Trade and Finance Association, Beijing, China,

May 23-26 (Wednesday to Saturday), 2018. We are delighted that Beijing University of Business and Economics is hosting our 2018 conference.


IT&FA is a multi-disciplinary association, and welcomes scholars and professionals from economics and finance, marketing and management, law, communications and other disciplines with an interest in globalization and the global economy.… read more ...

Global Tariff Negotiations as a Stumbling Bloc to Global Free Trade?

By James Lake (Southern Methodist University) and Santanu Roy (Southern Methodist University)

The principle of non-discrimination lies at the heart of the WTO. GATT Article I mandates that, for a given product, a country cannot set different tariffs on different trading partners.… read more ...