Celebrating 25 Years of the Exeter MBA

Our MBA is now 25 years old, and we thought we would celebrate such a milestone with a 25th anniversary event at our partner EY’s London headquarters in the City of London. The event starts at 6pm on 10th June and will involve our students, our alumni (some of them going back 25 years!) and our corporate partners who’ve supported us in recent years.

Our MBA is at the forefront of thinking, and the challenges the corporate world faces today are very different from those of 25 years ago. Continue reading

The Expert View: our MBA showcased by The Guardian

The Guardian newspaper, one of the UK’s oldest and leading daily newspaper recently ran a roundtable discussion on the future of business education.

As part of its Sustainable Business Network, The Guardian asked Deans of leading business schools why most business schools had been slow to adapt their business and executive education curriculum in light of the tremendous challenges businesses face todayContinue reading

Exeter ranked among the UK’s best universities

A brief post today when the Complete University Guide has ranked the University of Exeter as one of the best Universities in the UK in its 2015 edition. The University ranks particularly highly in terms of entry standards, student satisfaction and graduate prospects.

The Guide also publishes subject-related league tables, Exeter also ranks in the top 10 for business and management. Our One Planet MBA has a presence in the guide (although there is an error: our MBA is a 12-months programme, not a two years one!)

My One Planet MBA, by Matthew Dearlove

I am Matthew Dearlove, a full time MBA student at Exeter since September 2013 and here are some of my experiences and feelings about my time on the course so far.

Matthew (far right) and members of the organising team, One Planet Sustainability Challenge 2014

The course kicked off with the six core modules over the first term which concluded with a very busy January that was both rewarding and satisfying. The diverse backgrounds and varying experiences of my cohort have made the challenging learning process very interesting and enjoyable. After completing those core modules we began to integrate with the Executive MBA students on our remaining six modules, which again provided a fresh perspective and outlook on business, particularly within the context of sustainability. Continue reading

Discovering One-self and Learning Away from the Classroom: our Study Trip in Bogota

Participants and staff at the start of the week in the forecourt of Universidad del Rosario in central Bogota

Our MBA students have just returned from Bogota, the capital city of Colombia – home to 8 million people, and the largest city in South America. This week-long study trip is integrated in our MBA every year and consists in the delivery of two modules, Sustainability in Context in our full time (i.e. 12 months) programme, and Managing around the World: Roundtables for Practicing Managers for our Exec MBA programme (over 2 years, part time).

A key benefit of delivering those two modules in a different location every year is to provide our students and practising managers with opportunities to “leave the office behind them”, engage with local and like minded practising managers, identify and address key personal challenges, as well as social, economic and environmental challenges that affect the conduct of business in environments away from home. Immersing ourselves into a different environment and culture facilitates reflection and introspection. Last year those two residential modules were delivered in South Africa with our partner Stellenbosch University. This year, we were partnering with a leading Colombian university, Universidad del Rosario in Bogota.

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Gaining hands-on experience through our in-company MBA Consulting Projects

We are fast approaching the end of the Term, and with it the end of the MBA programme for our full time students this year. After 9 intensive months spent acquiring core business knowledge and skills in Term 1, and developing critical employability skills through our practical, in-company assignments in Term 2, our students are now in the process of formalising their consulting projects with our unique network of corporate partners.

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