Portrait of a Working Mother (Exeter Edition)

Portrait of a (Working) Mother is both a book (2019) and a touring exhibition of photographs and testimonies, curated by Lithuanian scholar Dr Egle Kackute (University of Vilnius) and created by Italian freelance photographer Marina Cavazza and Dr Kackute. Portrait has previously been reviewed on the Make Mothers Matter website, and the exhibition has recently toured Geneva, Dublin (June 2018), and elsewhere. The exhibition shows a set of photographic and documentary case studies exploring the day-to-day routines, life projects and survival strategies of working mothers who leave their home countries. It emphasizes the extreme mobility  required by the increasingly uncertain job market, and how the demands of the latter impact upon both family and workplace.

The Slavic and East European Maternal Studies network will, as part of its public engagement remit, commission new photographs from Marina for a new Portrait of a (Working) Mother exhibition at the Forum exhibition space, University of Exeter, which open to the public in May 2022. The new exhibition will feature local Exeter mothers as well as portraits featured in previous shows.

Portrait of a (Working) Mother at Maynooth University, June 2018

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