18th European Conference on Developmental Psychology (Utrecht, The Netherlands)

  • Rutland, A., Adeyanju, A. & Jones-Bartoli, A. (August 2017). Acculturation and peer relationships among ethnic minority status British children. Presented in symposium convened by B. Reichle & Z. Ülger entitled ‘Acculturation and Integration of Children from Culturally Diverse Backgrounds (2) Focus: Promoting positive intergroup relations in children’


18th General Meeting of the European Association of Social Psychology (Granada, Spain)

  • McGuire, L., Rizzo, M., Killen, M., Manstead, A. & Rutland, A. (July 2017). Context matters (especially when you are older): Group norms and the development of resource allocation. Presented in symposium convened by M. Brauer entitled ‘The powerful influence of social norms in intergroup relations’


Society for Research in Child Development, Biennial Meeting (Austin, USA)

  • Rutland, A., Adeyanju, A. & Jones-Bartoli, A. (April 2017). Acculturation, social exclusion and social-emotional development among ethnic minority status British children. Presented in symposium convened by A. Rutland entitled ‘Acculturation in context: Social exclusion and national belonging among ethnic minority status children and adolescents’
  • McGuire, L., Elenbaas, L., Killen, M. & Rutland, A. (April 2017). Developmental and normative influences on whether children and adolescents rectify intergroup inequality. Presented in symposium convened by L. McGuire & A. Rutland entitled ‘Challenging Social Inequalities and Social Exclusion: A Developmental Intergroup Perspective’