European Association for Research in Adolescence Annual Conference (Ghent, Belgium)

  • Rutland, A.McGuire, L., Goff, E., Hartstone-Rose, A., Mulvey, K. L. & Irvin, M. (September 2018). STEM gender stereotypes: The role of educators in informal science learning settings.
  • McGuire, L., Rizzo, M., Killen, M. & Rutland, A. (September 2018). The role of competitive and cooperative norms in the development of deviant evaluations.


British Psychological Society Social Section Annual Conference (Keele University, UK)

  • McGuire, L., Elenbaas, L., Killen, M. & Rutland, A. (August 2018). Developmental and normative influences on whether children and adolescents rectify intergroup inequality.


American Psychological Association Annual Conference (San Francisco, USA)

  • McGuire, L., Goff, E., Irwin, M., Mulvey, K. L. Hartstone-Rose, A., & Rutland, A. (August 2018). STEM attitudes and knowledge: The effect of youth volunteers in informal science learning sites.
  • McGuire, L., Rizzo, M., Killen, M. & Rutland, A. (August 2018). Coordination of ingroup and moral goals in varying resource allocation contexts.


‘Education in Unequal Societies’ Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Conference, Centre for Education Studies (University of Warwick, UK)

  • Yüksel, A. Ş. (May, 2018).The Influence of Group Membership on Children’s And Adolescents’ Bystander Reactions to the Exclusion of Immigrants in Behavioural and Hypothetical Scenarios.