College of Life and Environment Sciences CLES Conference (University of Exeter, UK)

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  • Farooq, A., Rutland, A. & Adlam, A. (November, 2019).  The Effect of Misinformation on Moral Decision Making in Intergroup Contexts.


British Educational Research Association Annual Conference (Manchester, UK)

  • Yüksel, A. Ş., Palmer, S.B., Rutland A. (September 2019). Students’ Evaluations of Prosocial Bystander Behaviour to the Exclusion of Immigrants and Non-Immigrants in Intergroup Contexts​.


19th European Conference on Developmental Psychology (Athens, Greece)

  • Rutland, A.McGuire, L., Jefferys, E. Goff, E., Mulvey, K.L., Irvin, M., Winterbottom, M., Hartstone-Rose, A (August 2019). Developmental trends and social inequality around science: Children’s gender stereotypes and evaluation of group deviants.
  • Rea, M.  DiBiase, A., Marshall, T., Jefferys, E., & Rutland, A. (August 2019). Bullying among school children and adolescents: Does the appearance of my teeth matter?.
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  • Palmer, S. B., Argyri, E.McGuire, L., Killen, M. & Rutland, A. (August 2019). “They’re Not Like Us”: Bystander Responses To The Social Exclusion Of Immigrants In Childhood And Adolescence.
  • Law, F.McGuire, L., Goff, E., Mulvey, K.L., Irvin, M., Winterbottom, M., Hartstone-Rose, A., & Rutland, A. (August 2019). The effect of social interaction on children’s science knowledge within informal science learning sites.
  • Yüksel, A. Ş., Palmer, S.B., Rutland A. (August 2019). Developmental Trends in Children’s and Adolescents’ Prosocial Bystander Behaviour towards ​the exclusion of Immigrants and ​Non-Immigrants.


European Network for Science Centres and Museums Conference (Copenhagen, Denmark)

  • Rutland, A. & McGuire, L. (June 2019). STEM teen research project: Are teens the most effective educators and explainers?


16th Annual Kaleidoscope Conference 2019 (University of Cambridge, UK)

  • Yüksel, A. Ş., Palmer, S.B., Rutland A. (May 2019) What makes bystander helping more likely? The role of group membership in British students’ bystander reactions to the exclusion of immigrants.


Stories 2019: Inclusivity, Mental Health, Access and Accountability Department of Education (University of Oxford, UK)

  • Yüksel, A. Ş., Palmer, S.B., Rutland A. (March 2019) Developmental Trends in Children’s and Adolescents’ Prosocial Bystander Behaviour towards the exclusion of Immigrants and Non-Immigrants within a Diverse Context​.


Society for Research in Child Development Conference (Baltimore, USA)

  • Palmer, S. B., Sierksma, J., Kaufman, N. Yuksel, A. & Rutland, A. (March 2019). Bystander responses to intergroup social exclusion using the cyberball paradigm.