Faculty/Postdoc, Department of Economics, University of Munich (LMU Munich)

The Economics Department of the University of Munich (LMU) invites applications for a Postdoctoral Position in International Trade or Organizational Economics. The Postdoc position is a full-time research position linked to a research grant by the German Science Foundation. The position is for two years with a possible extension to a third year. Applicants must show a high degree of research expertise as manifested in the quality of their PhD dissertation and possible other publications. The candidate is expected to have experience with firm-level data and to  contribute to this research grant.  There is no teaching obligation involved in the position.

The department provides a vibrant environment for junior faculty, has strong international ties, and a widely recognized graduate school.

Applications should include a CV, two letters of recommendation and one recent research paper. Please send your application to Prof. Dr. Dalia Marin, Department of Economics, University of Munich, . The deadline for application is September 30, 2017.