Welcome new members – March 2017

We would like to welcome the following new members of the InsTED network:

Prof. Swati Dhingra (London School of Economics) Her research interests are in international economics, trade policy and industrial organisation with focus on globalisation in the context of Britain and the EU, India, the US, Colombia and Thailand.

Prof. Mengxiao Liu (Syracuse University) Her research interests are international trade, organisational economics and network economics.

Prof. Kalina Manova (University of Oxford) Her research explores three themes in international economics: (i) the effects of financial frictions on international trade and multinational activity; (ii) the role of firm heterogeneity in productivity, product quality, and management practices; and (iii) the determinants and consequences of firm participation in global value chains.

Tommaso Sonno (London School of Economics) is a Ph.D. Candidate within the European Doctoral Program in Quantitative Economics, jointly organized by the Universite Catholique de Louvain and the London School of Economics.  Currently he is a visiting student at the Centre for Economic Performance.  His main areas of interest are international trade and political economy.

Call for Papers: Conference on Global Production

6-8th December 2017, National University of Singapore

The Global Production Networks Research Centre at the National University of Singapore (GPN@NUS) is pleased to announce that it will host the inaugural interdisciplinary ‘Conference on Global Production’ in December 2017.

This conference is intended to bring together the research community studying fragmented global production systems in a cutting-edge dialogue that is both truly global and genuinely interdisciplinary. The intention is to generate intense and productive conversations across the interconnected domains of theory, empirics, methodology and policy in a conference that is thematically organised as opposed to being structured along disciplinary lines.

Registration timeline

• Submission of paper/session proposals: 1st May 2017.

• Confirmation of acceptance by conference (including provision of acceptance letter, if required): 1st June 2017.

• Payment of non-refundable conference fee by participants: 1st August 2017. The conference fee – which will cover registration costs, lunches, and tea and coffee – will be in the region of US$100/S$150. Further details on the payment process will follow shortly.

For further details, please follow this link.

Welcome New Members – January 2017

We would like to welcome the following new members of the InsTED network:

Prof. Maia Linask (University of Richmond) Her fields of interest are international trade, industrial organization, and applied microeconomics.

Prof. Juan Moreno-Cruz (Georgia Institute of Technology) His research interests are energy, environmental and natural resources economics, technological change, economic growth and institutions, and climate change economics and climate engineering.

Call for Papers: The 15th INFINITI Conference on International Finance

A Trinity College Dublin, Monash University & Universitat de València event will be held at the Universitat de València, Valencia, Spain on 12-13 June 2017. Prof Hélène Rey (London Business School) will be a Keynote Speaker.

The submission deadline is on January 31st, 2017

Papers are solicited in all aspects of international financial integration.

More information on the Call for Papers (including guidelines) is available on the website.

Welcome New Members – August 2016

We would like to welcome the following new members of the InsTED network:

Prof. Marco Bonomo (Insper Institute of Education and Research) His research interests are in macroeconomics and asset pricing.

Prof. Sarah B. Danzman (Indiana University Bloomington) Her primary field of interest is the political economy of international investment and finance.

Prof. Stephen Yeaple (Penn State University) His areas of interest are international trade, industrial Organization, and applied microeconomics.


New Working Papers July 2016

The following working papers have recently been added to our working papers page.

Ahlin, Christian and Hyeok Jeong (2015) “The Conditional Gini: Estimation and Application to the Relationship between Wealth, Financial Use, and Income Inequality

Ellis, Christopher, Jon C. Thompson and Jiabin Wu (2016) “Complementarities, Coordination, and Culture

Guardado, Jenny (2016) “Office-Selling, Corruption, and Long-Term Development in Peru

Lake, James and Santanu Roy (2015) “Are global trade negotiations behind a fragmented world of “gated globalization”?

Lake, James and Maia K. Linask (2016) “Could tariffs be pro-cyclical?