Please find below copies of the STFC ISSP Summer School 2018 Presentations.


Monday 27 August

09.00-10.30     Introduction to Plasma Physics (C1) – Dr David Tsiklauri, QMUL

11.00-12.30     Introduction to MHD: MHD equations (C2) – Prof. Philippa Browning, Manchester U.

14.00-15.30     Solar Interior and Helioseismology (C3) – Prof. William Chaplin, Birmingham U.

16.00-17.30     High Performance Computing (S1) – Dr Joanne Mason, Exeter U.


Tuesday 28 August

09.00-10.30     MHD Waves and Instabilities (C4) – Dr Erwin Verwichte, Warwick U.

11.00-12.30     Magnetic Reconnection (C5) – Prof. Gunnar Hornig, Dundee U.

14.00-15.30     Space Weather Forecasting (S2) – Prof. David Jackson & Dr. Edmund Henley, Met Office

16.00-17.30     Practical on Public Engagement (S3) – Dr Gabby Provan, Leicester U.


Wednesday 29 August

09.00-10.30     Introduction to the Solar Atmosphere (C6) – Dr Andrew Hillier, Exeter U.

11.00-12.30     CMEs and the Solar Wind (C7) – Dr Huw Morgan, Aberystwyth U.


Thursday 30 August

09:00-10:30     The Magnetosphere (C8) – Dr Jonathan Eastwood, Imperial C.

11:00-12:30     The Ionosphere (C9) – Prof. Cathryn Mitchell, Bath U.

14:00-15:30     The Mesosphere and Thermosphere (C10) – Dr Anasuya Aruliah, UCL

16:00-17:30     Solar Variability and Climate (C11) – Prof. Mike Lockwood, Reading U.


Friday 31 August

09:00-10:30     Planetary Plasma Environments (C12) – Dr Caitriona Jackman, Southampton U.

11:00-12:30     Solar System Plasmas in a Wider Context: Planetary Systems, Exoplanets and Astrospheres (S4) – Dr Chris Arridge, Lancaster U.


Core Material (C) and Specialised (S) Topics