Magic and the Muse – Magic Lantern Spectacle

Artemis Willis Poster Design: Vicki Bowring

Since 2015 the University of Exeter has been a leading partner in the ‘Million Pictures’ European research project investigating the history and usage of magic lantern slides in educational contexts, coordinated in the UK by Professor Joe Kember of the English Department.

As part of the impact of this innovative and successful project, the public are now offered a rare opportunity to experience a spectacular magic lantern event in a public city-centre venue.

Magic and the Muse, a magic lantern spectacle, will take place on the evening of 12 January at the Barnfield Theatre, Exeter. Both original and specially-created lantern slides will be shown and a genuine Victorian triple lantern will be used. The lantern show will be accompanied by live music, creating a fantastic combination of music, performance and projection, including a rare demonstration of projection onto a ‘living screen’.

For more information and to buy tickets, click here.     

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